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Copyright:(C)2016 Avnet Silica company
Date:11 March 2015

NXP Secure Authentication Microcontroller A70CM

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The Silica SerizII with A70CM add-on board is designed to evaluate NXP A7001 ADPU secure module. The firmware will perform a sample demo application between LPC4350 cpu, A70CM Host API library and SCI2C library. It show the use of main basic A70CM API functions for AES encryption/decription (using CBC mode) and a sample of authenticatio process between Server and Client. In addition, a Man-In-The-Middle simulator is implemented to change data and check security results. The firmware can be compiled in many different functionallity by setting appropriate macros define:

Mode Main features
Stand Alone Use only 1 SerizII board with A70CM add-on. Messages are exchanged between the two A70CM onboard using RTOS queue. Man-In-The-Middle simulator
LAN Client Use on SerizII Babylon client board. The messages are exchanged to Server using UDP queue
LAN Server Use on SerizII Babylon server board. The messages are exchanged to Client using UDP queue. Man-In-The-Middle simulator

See at “Firmware Specification” paragraph for how to configure macros

Developement tools

Firmware was developed using: LPCXpresso 6-1-2 free version. For installation and configuration of the project, follow instruction inside Quick start guide