Patching NXP A70CM libraries

This chapter will show how to import and patch original NXP library for Babylon project

Babylon project comes with folders a70cm and board_dep containig only patch files required for patching original NXP libraries. (see image below)


Import library

Before compile Babylon application firmware, you must download NXP A70cm example library. To do this, make a registration at link When you receive authorization from NXP, you can download the A70cm example library as figure below


Reneame the downloaded file “243525_A70CM_Toolkit_sw.nxpzip” into “”


unzip the file “” just renamed; your NXP library folder content should be as figure below:


see at file “”; unzip this file into project folder “<workspace>\lwip_tcpecho_freertos\Babylon\patch” located inside your workspace


double click on file “patch_a70.bat” (green circled)

and follow screen instructions.

When batch process ends, open LPCXpresso, right click on “lwip_tcpecho_freertos” and select “Refresh” (sse image below)


Now you can see the needed library files patched


Follow Compile and load firmware to compile and run babylon project


you can find the result of batch process inside file “a70_patch_log.txt